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Westin In-Room Treatments

Relax and revitalize in the comfort and privacy of your own hotel room with our custom-designed Westin In-room Treatment service. To help create a soothing atmosphere, we’ll provide you with our signature basket containing flowers, a nutritious snack, a bottle of water, music and aromatherapy oils. Recline on your own luxurious Heavenly Treatment Bed, and enjoy personalized body and mind rejuvenation.

Our Westin In-Room Treatment services help restore energy and relieve stress to get you back to your best self.  Enjoy the escape of a wellness getaway in the privacy of your own room.

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This is a traditional Swedish based massage that uses light-to-moderate pressure, with techniques varying from gliding to kneading that creates a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

60 mins...€ 160 | 90 mins.. 200


Especially beneficial for the physically active individual, this treatment provides a deep, strong massage to alleviate tightness and strain.

60 mins...€ 160 | 90 mins.. 200 

Signature Massage: Hot Stone Therapy

Indulge in our Signature Massage,  a sense seducing escape from daily life. Combining the world's best massage techniques and inspired by Asian healing traditions.

90 mins... 200

Please kindly be aware that there will be an additional charge of 100 on top of final charge, if treatments are provided between 10.00pm through 09.00am.

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